Stok R2 Series Vaporizer Kit

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Stok R2 Series Vaporizer Kit

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Stok R2 Series Vaporizer Kit

Marketed under the brand name #ThisThingRips, the Stok R2 Series, well, rips! Seriously — all you have to do to be sold on the R2 by Stok is to look at the damn thing! Sitting atop a spartan, no fuss base is a heating chamber that can only be described as thermonuclear. Indeed, the bright, neon green hue radiates from the visual chamber, creating an unprecedented aesthetic “wow” factor.

Vaping enthusiasts will no doubt recognize the growing trend towards visual chamber development. However, it was Stok that first brought this innovation to the market. With their R2 pen-style vaporizers, Stok has once again redefined the visual artistry in vaping. Furthermore, the R2 Series isn’t just limited to its outer attractiveness — the heating chamber is composed of polycarbonates. This is the same hardened plastic that used in multiple applications, from DVDs to bulletproof windows. In other words, you can expect the Stok R2 to give you years of consistent rips without any quit!

Compatibility: Wax

Heat-Up Time: 5-Seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Months

Voltage: 110V

Length: 6.5 Inches (165mm)

Diameter: 2 Inches (51mm)

Weight: 0.32 Pounds (5.1 Ounces)


R2 Series Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Kanger Evod Battery

2 x Ceramic Rod Atomizers

1 x Polycarbonate Chamber

1 x Protective Pen Cap

1 x Mouthpiece

1 x Dab Tool

1 x Silicone Jar

2 x Cleaning Pads

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual